Why Spring Is The Best Time To Sell Your Property

There are lots of reasons why people do not enjoy the short, cold days of winter, and this is especially true when it comes to buying a property. However, once spring arrives the outlook is completely different, with the market becoming far more active in what is typically one of the busiest periods of the year.

But why is spring the best time to sell your property? Read on to find out some of the main reasons to be ready for the arrival of the spring equinox this year. 

Longer days

The sun sets after 5.30pm during spring, with the time getting much later as the days tick by, which means better light and more opportunities for people to view your home.

During the winter most people want to head straight home after work rather than heading out again and natural daylight will also help reveal the very best qualities of your property, both inside and out.

Gardens come to life

One of the clearest signs of spring is the appearance of new flower buds, so whether you have a front or back garden (or both) it can be a valuable asset when it comes to selling.

A well-maintained garden can add real value to your sale price and also capture the imagination of prospective buyers, especially once flowers and plants come out of their winter hibernation.

Avoid the summer holidays

Whilst the Easter school holiday usually lasts for around 2 weeks, it is far more manageable than the 6-7 weeks children are off during the summer. This is why the summer period tends to be quieter, especially with the planned holidays also factored in.

Parents have more time to search during the spring and if a purchase can be agreed early on, it allows them to be settled before the start of the new school year in September.

Shorter sale times

Property data also backs up the idea that spring is the best time to sell your home. Properties listed during this period tend to have shorter[GS1] average sale times compared to other periods of the year.

Buyer demand also increases during this period, making it the ideal time to market your property as you stand a much better chance of generating enquiries and potentially multiple bidders.

Sunnier moving day

Moving house can be extremely stressful, what with all the organising, boxing, lifting and transferring of items before, during and after the completion date. But the weather also has a big role to play, as a cold or rainy day can make things even more difficult to manage. Of course, given the unpredictable nature of the British weather there are no certainties that you’ll enjoy a dry, warmer day in spring, but there is less of a chance of having to face up to damp boxes and running back and forth to the delivery van as it hails down.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, you only need one buyer to successfully sell a house. Buyers are searching for properties all year round and there are some periods that offer more opportunity than others. The goal is to take advantage of these ‘hot’ periods so you can maximise the value of your home and sell without any unnecessary delays. And with spring just around the corner, one of the busiest times of year is about to arrive.

If you are planning on selling up, the most important thing is to get everything ready before you put it on the market. You never know when the ideal buyer will get in touch, and you want to ensure you have done everything you can to make your home as appealing as possible – it’s a competitive market out there and you can’t afford to miss out.

Start your property journey today

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